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3 days left until Christmas and the Pole was hectic. Yetis were scrambling around to get all the toys put away and ready to put in North's sleigh. The elves were messing around as usual and trying not to get stepped on by the yetis. North was pacing around shouting orders at all the yetis.

"I want any last minute toy alterations checked with me before they are put away!" North ordered the yetis.

"Hey North, you need any help?" I asked him.

"Sure thing Jack. You can help the Yetis start loading the toys in the sleigh." North said, looking over my shoulder, "Phil, please tell elves to stay out of the way!"

"How bout I get Jamie and Sophie to help. They're probably bored out of their minds." I suggested.

"Sounds great, they can help you or whatever needs to be done around here. Pringle! Why don't you and the other elves decorate some cookies, yah?" North said trying to get rid of them and keep them busy.

I went back to my room to wake up the kids. I started by calling their names, but they didn't respond. So then I spoke a little bit louder and they just turned. Then I had an idea.

"Ok guys, in here." I whispered. The little elves shuffled in one by one, I'd say a good 25 of them. Hey I was doing North a favor by keeping them busy.

"Alright on my cue. One, two, THREE!" Then their little instrument went off like crazy playing random notes. It was so loud that the kids bolted up, Sophie of course falling off the side of the bed.

"STOP!" I shouted and they all stopped playing, "Thanks guys, now go decorate some cookies and stay out of North's way. Got it?" they all nodded making their little bells ring and they scurried off.

"Jack, what was that for?" Sophie whined.

"Yeah, it's too early." Jamie groaned.

"Come on guys, it's almost noon! We're at the North Pole! Doesn't every kid dream about being at the North Pole?" I asked a bit surprised by their behavior.

"Yeah, but I've never dreamed about waking up early at the North Pole." Jamie said.

"Oh come on, today is your lucky day. We get to help out North here, and Christmas is only 3 days away. If you help North, he might give you more presents." I said trying to convince them.

"When do we start?" Sophie immediately asked excited. I knew that would work.

"Whenever you guys get ready for the day, but the sooner the better." I smirked.

"I'll be ready in five minutes!" she blurted out before going into the bathroom.

"What about you grumpy?" I teased Jamie.

"Sure why not," Jamie chuckled, "But I hope you know Sophie's not the best helper."

I laughed, "It's okay, neither are the elves."

Soon enough Jamie and Sophie were up and around helping out as much as they could. Sophie was the artistic type, helping the yetis paint any toys that still needed to be painted. She was pretty good, and I bet it was from helping Bunny paint all those Easter eggs all those years ago. Jamie was with me helping me sort out the toys and put them in the bags. We had a little fun here and then messing with the yetis, mainly Phil. I got scolded by North, while Jamie just snickered behind me. I'll get him back eventually. It was a fun, yet productive day. The kids weren't bored anymore, North was pleased with all the progress, and even Phil seemed a little less edgy. By the end of the day, the kids were all tuckered out and so was I. Tomorrow night they would finally be back home and they were excited but also scared.

"Jack, will you come with us tomorrow?" Jamie asked.

"Of course I will. I need to make sure that you guys get there safe." I said.

"Then you'll leave?" he asked a little worried.

"No, I'll stay in Burgess to watch over you two," I replied, "Look Jamie, I know you guys are scared, but I promise you, that I won't let him get to you. I won't let him hurt you.
You have to believe in me."

He looked away. I know that he believed in me, but he was still scared. He would always have that hint of doubt. They both would. Every shadow, every nightmare. They would always be afraid of what, or who lurked around in the dark.

"Get some sleep guys. Tomorrow's a big day." I told them.

They snuggled up together, "Good night Jack." Jamie said.

"Good night Jack. Sweet dreams." Sophie giggled.

"Good night Jamie. Good night Sophie." I said before I too fell asleep on the couch.

That night I actually did have a sweet dream. Thanks Soph and Sandy of course.
ok here is chapter 13, and sorry that its a little short but the next chapter will definitely be better, and this story unfortunately is coming close to and end. to be honest after this story is over, i don't think i could continue it. But i could write a new story and i could even try to right a Jack FrostxReader fanfic. Let me know what you think.

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next: coming soon
Elvenstar-Imrahil Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
THE FLUFF! I CAN'T HANDLE IT! *heart melts all over innards*
suzukigonkura28 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
glad you like it! i'm working on chapter 14 right now and hopefully i'll upload it tomorrow!
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